Lust is important than someone's life

Hello everyone I am so happy that our India is developing with various facilities likewise work of bullet train is in progress also for the metros in Mumbai.PM Modi is is developing our nation through digitalization but somewhere is he missing out something the the youth which voted him as the Prime Minister of India are asking and answer today what about the rapist are there really getting punished or been escaped  through any political or government official support to them. people from various States countries are protesting Night and Day for Afisa. Afisa a 8 year old daughter of our nation has been raped for 8 days in a temple. She was been gibgi drugs so that she cannot scream and nobody can know about this. The rapist where in many all where those people which we can't think about them it includes retired police officer a saint and few such people who aren't expected to do such crime.
Every day on or another girl is been raped now it has become like a culture for men'…

Coward's in the society

Here after a long time me jotting down something which is a sin I should say . These kind of action taken by some coward's in our society are the reason why vwe are not safe today. I am talking about the Zainab Ansari murder case from Pakistan Kasur village 7 year old girl was kidnapped raped and murdered and her body was found in piles of heap just two kliometer away from her house. like this is out of imagination how can you do it with a seven year old girl who doesn't know the basic knowledge of her private parts think how the pain she had barred for four days what all trouma she had been went through. After this where people in Pakistan were protesting for her people on social media trolled that she being a shia deserves such kind of act..I was stunned by seeing that guys where is your humanity here rape cases like this tend me to slam these people. After this the Indian news media did not shared any news about this people on social media shared and people got to know abou…

Bhopal the safest state with a rape case

After a long time writing what I heard made me to write me. 
I would like to ask a question that what do you think that raped cases coming up every day in our society are they flimed or they are really happening.
Yes I am talking about the recent rape case from Bhopal where Bhopal is known to be the safest state in India such crime happening there gave me a shiver.
A 19 year old girl who was returning home from her upsc coaching classes a men came near her tried to drag her and take to nalluh but in defence the girl kicked him and in anger he called his two more friends who took her under a bridge in the darkness and raped her for three hours in those three hours the clothes of the girl where been torn  she begged for clothes and then one of them brought her wife's clothes and gave her when he brought this clothes the came with more two men who also raped her they raped her one after another for three hours taking tea-guthka breaks. What pain or what was being going on her on body th…

Hang the peon

Dehli the capital of rapes country.
Sry to say that but it's true that now Dehli is not safe for even kids going to school. Consequently from 2 days there are upcoming cases  from school of Delhi the first case was of a boy who died due to slit on his throat this was happened in his school they found the dead body of the chid from school primises after investigation it has been revealed that  conductor has abused him sexually and then slitted on his throat and left him to die the boy died due to more flow of boold. This happened when he was returning home from school. Even boys are not safe. The second case was from  tagore public school from Gandhi nagar area in Dehli the 5 years old girl was been raped by the school peon in the school primises itself. He took her in the room where no one could come raped her and threatened her not to tell anyone about this and she went home where her parents found blood coming from her internal parts after medical checkup it was found that she …
On this day I would like to wish all my teachers a very happy teachers day. I was waiting for this day to thank you all who have helped me in my all the points of life teachers are the other family members from school till now I have got many teachers I thank them for teaching me because today when I am able to speak to the masses is just because of them. May it be personal life or related to studies my teachers have been always helpful to me.

 A short peom for my teachers

They love us like we are their kids
And we thought they are not what they did
We hated them like anything in the starting
But we were friends at the ending
Now they are mine family
And I am their kid
Love showered by them is still what I miss
And I love my teachers like a bliss

Dedicated To all my teachers and specially to Madhukar Sir and Pooja maa miss you all and love you all

Independence day

Today we celebrated independence day and also janmastami both the events hold an important part in life. Well as far as independence day is concerned are we all free from all thi things? Maye it be a male or female both are connected to each other males can go where ever they want but females can't but at the same Time males in the family can't spend much because they have to look after the family.but where females are more in restrictions like wear proper clothes don't go out at late night come home early etc. This is all because of the thinking of men's how they have a perception about someone they think girls wearing short dresses is a s*** or a whore but she might be an innocent girl must be hanging out with a friends this is not right by men having this perception when this perception in there mindsets will change automatically we will get freedom it will be a day where girls can freely go anywhere at any time little bit of change in their thinking Might change th…

Malad rape case

Rape is not just a word but also a cirme this word fears every girl or woman..I would like to share a recent rape case with you all a 4 years girl child was allegedly raped by the school peon for not only 1-2days but 4 days.This was happend in malad east  a well known ICSE school seith juggilal poddar acdemy Guys this is the height of person mind sets was the 4 year old child was giving any signal or doing something that she wanted that guy to go sexually with her was she seducing him?No she doesn't even know what is happend to her here comes where school's  and college's have to take stand about the safety of children Not only them but their parents also should know and keep a track about their children that what is going in their life. The child might be in fear nor their parents saw the change in her behavior? This leads to many cognitive dissonance. That child needs a good medical treatment and a Good counselling from a psychologist. The peon should get hanged for his …